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 It is a charitable organization intended to work for the welfare of the human being in general and Indians in particular. As suggested from its name, we will concentrate mostly of the education of the society and especially under privileged people irrespective of color, cast, creed and religion.  We believe that Education is the main source of empowerment of a society so we will work mainly in this domain and associated skill development strategies.  Our Aims and Objectives will be concentrated mostly for the development of:

  1. A Prosperous Society- Socio economic and educational development of the people.
  2. Good Citizens- Moral, Cultural and traditional enrichment, their preservation and propagation for spreading communal harmony, mutual cooperation, tolerance, cooperation, patriotism and other secular values.
  3. Knowledgeable Society-Education, training and awareness programs for Uplifment of people especially women.
  4. Healthy Society-Research, Medical and Physical Fitness programs for all.
  5. Institutions- Maintenance, development, supervision and management of institutions including schools, colleges, higher educational institutes, research centers and academic institutions.
  6. Entrepreneur development programs and trainings-Engagement of professionals, scientists, engineers teachers, professors, consultants, advisors to provide consultancy for the benefits of women, poor, scheduled castes, backward classes, other weaker section, including the retired ex-service personnel for providing window service for their employment opportunities for making them self employed through entrepreneur development programs and trainings.


Future Plan of Work

We plan to work on the above mentioned areas in the next two years. As a first step, we have decided to start with the Madarsa Education in India and we have started work in this direction. The main emphasis will be in North India. We wish to do the following to bring them in the main stream and to incorporate NCERT Courses in their system of education. Please see the Pamphlets (in Urdu, Hindi & English) for its detail.

Government of India wishes to bring them into the main stream through their modernization and helping them too. But NO SYSTEM yet exists for the incorporation of Traditional Education with Modern Education so that both can be amalgamated to be taught in same time and under the same roof without affecting the Quality & Quantity of the two educations. It is named and M-NCERT (Madarsa-NCERT) system.

We have started working on this line to help the Muslims and the Government of India so that aspirations of both are fulfilled. Please see the Brochure ((in Urdu, Hindi & English).

It will also require public awareness. We will conduct, meetings, conferences and workshops to create conducive atmosphere for the same to convince public, Madarsa Administrators so that the desired task of Government of India to Modernize Madarsas and to establish a Central Madarsa Board for accreditation and examination of Madarsa for Modernized Quality Education in Dual System of Education.

We shall also prepare books for M-NCERT system. We shall establish schools and training centers for M-NERT system through cooperation of other organizations.

Note: Please see the following video on YouTube for more details:

VIDEO: An Interview  on Model Madarsa System

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