An Integrated approach for modernization of Madaris Education


All Madaris be equipped with proper capabilities to fulfill the need of Community in terms of Deeni Education vis a vis Modern Education, Leadership, Centers of Community needs for their welfare and be adaptive to be upgraded continuously in Islamic perspectives and National Aspirations.


  • Integrated Teaching
    Integrated Teaching of Deeni and NCERT curriculum based education
  • Personality
    Training the students in Islamic perspectives along with Modern Education
  • Human Capital
    Development of a team of Multi Lingual, Soft spoken, practical and Visionary Ulemas
  • Training Institutes
    Establishment of Training Institutes for Model Madarsa System


Madaris be upgraded for the enhancement of their:

  • Effectiveness in bridging the gap between Deeni and Modern Education
  • Quality and quanta of education
  • Acceptability in the society
  • Multi facet personality of output/graduates
  • Ummah (community/society) development role
  • Leadership role
  • Role in Communal Harmony & National Integrity


  • To establish Model Madarsas having Madaris Education with Modern Education
  • To develop pedagogy for Composite Teaching in Madaris to enhance their quality and quanta of Education
  • To train the Madaris Teachers for effective teaching especially Traditional Subjects
  • To do public awareness programs so that they also support this mission and understand that Madaris are more productive and effective than Modern Schooling Systems.
  • To make the students aware of their responsibilities towards National & International platforms.


  • Composite Teaching
    Outcome based learning system has been developed using composite teaching methodology. It simultaneously covers NCERT curriculum with Deeni education in Madaris and hence named as Madarsa-NCERT.
  • Multiple Certification
    The students in 10 years of schooling will get certificates:
     >Maulvi and High School
     >Maulvi, Hafiz and High School
  • Multilingual Personality
    The students will be capable of reading, writing, understanding and speaking in Arabic, English, Urdu and Hindi languages.


Note: All the above details are aslo availble in our pamphlets which are in English, Hindi and Urdu languages.

          उपरोक्त सभी विवरण हमारे पैम्फ़लेट में भी उपलब्ध हैं जो अंग्रेज़ी, हिंदी और उर्दू भाषाओं में हैं।

         مذکورہ بالا تمام تفصیلات ہمارے پملیٹس میں بھی دستیاب ہیں جو انگریزی ، ہندی اور اردو زبانوں میں ہیں۔

Posted on Tue 21 Jul,2020.

Download Pamphlets

Three Pamphlets of Model Madarsa System are available in English, Hindi and Urdu languages.

मॉडल मदरसा सिस्टम के तीन पैम्फलेट अंग्रेजी, हिंदी और उर्दू भाषाओं में उपलब्ध हैं।

ماڈل مدرسہ سسٹم کے تین پرچے (پمفلیٹ) انگریزی ، ہندی اور اردو زبانوں میں دستیاب ہیں۔

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Posted on Wed 27 Nov,2019.

Importance of Model Madarsa System

Importance of Model Madarsa System

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Posted on Wed 07 Aug,2019.

Madarsas who started

Madarsas who started using Model Madarsa System in India

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Posted on Wed 07 Aug,2019.

Download Brochure

Brochure of Model Madarsa System in English, Hindi and Urdu

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